Deola's personalized touch is really helpful for my unique health condition, especially as I had trouble before with more generic approaches to nutrition and exercise. She's really skilled and talented, has studied health and nutrition from many different angles, highly qualified and very intuitive. I have more energy and more motivation to keep up with the health plan she created for me. Highly recommended!


Afgelopen juni heb ik samen met mijn dochter Hannah een geweldige yogaweek genoten in Villa Vallerosa , Italie. Deola had dit zeer goed georganiseerd. De yogamatjes lagen al voor ons klaar!

Hier heb ik geleerd waar yoga werkelijk over gaat, dankzij de toegewijde yoga leraar Peter Clifford. Naast yoga gaf Deola verschillende interessante workshops over Ayurveda. Je kon zelfs een persoonlijk consult krijgen. Het was een onvergetelijke week met fantastische mensen!
Dank jullie wel.


Deola AyurYoga is a wonderful place to practice. Small groups, so everyone has attention for corrections in their pose. Deola has a good relaxing voice and teaches very mindful. I am always very relaxed after a class with Deola.


"I have attended three retreats with Deola and they were extraordinary. She is a true healer and the Yoga is perfect for everyone…relaxing, healing, energizing and in no way too strenuous.  It is designed to appeal to all ages…and it is very therapeutic for all ages!"


"I liked the retreat schedule, there was a nice balance between yoga, eating, free time and other activities. I really enjoyed the yoga practice: it was gentle and soothing for my body, and I did not feel like I had to 'compete'. I was delighted with the addition of Ayurveda to Yoga. I learned some solid basics of Ayurveda and was also nice to hear my constitution type. I liked that you arranged travel for us, that was very convenient. 

I liked the relaxed atmosphere: I never felt like I had to do something and there was room to indicate if you wanted changes. I loved the opportunity for a private session with Peter, that was really helpful to get some personal advice. I liked the room where we practiced yoga, was calm and beautiful"


"Deola is absolutly wonderful. Her manner of teaching is very instructive and balanced. She has found a perfect combination between yoga theory and practical exercises. I have learned different techniques of relaxation, breathing, doing yoga asana`s in a body friendly mild form.
The Yoga of 5 elements was absolutely a top practice outdoors with this amazing weather. The organization of the retreat was very good. The location Cadzandie is really suitable for such activities. There is a very friendly, warm and calm atmosphere, beautiful nature, tasty and various vegetarian food. Many thanks for choosing this place. The group was very special. It was a very good interaction and a lot of respect to each other. It was a real pleasure to do all activities together"


Nikolas is 82 & enthusiastic about Yoga!