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Daily Routine for Optimal Health

Ayurveda recommends that our bodies be attuned to nature’s cycle. From the time of waking to sleeping, Ayurveda outlines the main practices that we should perform to promote optimal physical and mental health. In Sanskrit this daily routine is called Dinacharya. “Ayurveda’s answer is that there are “master cycles” in us governed by the quantum mechanical body. Every day two waves of change pass through us, each bringing a Kapha cycle, then a Pitta, and finally a Vata cycle. T

Key Principles of Ayurveda: Dhatus (Tissues) & Srotas (Channels)

Ayurveda recognizes seven bodily tissues (Dhatus): rasa (plasma i.e. serum, white blood cells, lymphatic system), rakta (red blood cells), mamsa (muscle), medda (fat), asthi (bones and cartilage), majja (bone marrow, nerve tissue, connective tissue), shukra/artava (male/female reproductive organs). The first and most important Dhatu is Rasa because this tissue feeds all the other six tissues in a chronological order. If the metabolism (Agni) of a Dhatu is impaired, this will

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